Can I spray paint paper? – Spray Paint Art In Water

When I want to have a very high level of coverage, I’ll use matte black spray paint. Just as I wouldn’t spray a whole table with black marker because that’s all I could get out of two or three applications, I find I don’t get the high levels of coverage I want by spraying black paint, which means I want the most visible results with the least amount of work.

I spray my sheets in a thin layer, and then use a flat black spray pad to spread the ink evenly throughout the surface of the paper. I use my trusty Sharpie pen to mark the area I’d like to use, and then move my spray pad across the paper to spray it. There’s no need to apply much pressure, either. Once a spot is exposed, I simply leave it to dry. This will help prevent the paper from cracking or peeling.
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You can spray it on multiple times to get different effects, including adding lines, stripes and shadows. If you ever need to change your plan, you can paint over a previously sprayed area and then apply a new color. Just be sure to reapply until it’s absolutely dry before applying with a new pad; otherwise, the ink will take some time to dry when the paper is sprayed over it.

As you can see in my example image, I applied the base coat over a large surface area, including the front door on this large table. I then filled in any wrinkles with additional lines and swatches from my list of colors, and used an ink pad to spray the entire area back over it.

If you’d like to see another example, try it out in our online example gallery.

How do I protect against the effects of UV rays?

UV rays cause chemical reactions that create tiny dyes that can affect the appearance of your paint, which means you need to protect your project by using a UV protectant on your black spray paint. Here’s what you need to know:

UV protection takes up a lot of space on your counters and walls. This can be avoided by avoiding using a UV barrier.

UV protectants can give off a small amount of light, so they should only be used indoors.

UV protectors cannot be used more than once, unless a certain amount of UV light has been absorbed.

If you’re worried about the possibility of damaging the project’s finish, make sure to use something other than UV protectants to protect against the effects of UV.

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