Can I spray paint paper?

Yes. You can apply acrylic and spray paint in order to create a custom-designed card. Just choose the size of the printed card from the table above.

Can I order multiple copies of a deck?

Yes! Create your own deck with each other, including duplicates of your cards.

Can I order copies of the game for friends, family, or students?

Yes, for up to six copies for each person! Just add $10 for each copy you would like to order.

Can I do a special order?

Yes! If you have questions about the game or want the exact product, please send an email to [email protected]

Can I make a custom deck?

Yes! All proceeds will go to the funding of the new game! Please contact us when backing a reward that includes the deck with a message explaining why you want it.

What is the shipping on all rewards?

All rewards are shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express. Shipping will be provided in the states where we’re located.

Do I have to provide payment on my pledge?

No. Please provide your credit card information. All shipping payment is made by Kickstarter, and we are in no way responsible, in any way for lost or stolen items.

How does the money make its way into the game?

Most of it (90%) is used to print the card decks for the game AND ship the decks directly to backers, who order as gifts. The 10% goes into manufacturing, packaging and marketing, with the remainder going to Kickstarter.
Samus Spray Paint Art on Canvas, Metroid Video Game Graffiti | Art ...

Will there an additional shipping charge for international backers?

Not at this time. We’ve made the game as inexpensive as possible, so we’re trying to keep it as cheap as possible – we’ve even included the shipping cost for international backers. We don’t want anyone buying a boardgame expecting it to be more expensive than it is to make, and this way we avoid that!

We have received emails and messages from backers asking about international postage for games that are shipped to foreign countries. I am not aware of any game that costs more to ship than the Kickstarter rewards.

Will I be able to return the cards in their original boxes?

No! The board game cards are plastic, they cannot be returned, even in their cardboard box! Please refer to the FAQ for more information!

If there are any changes to the game, what