Can I use Rustoleum spray paint on fabric? – Spray Paint Art Time Lapse

No. But we do make acrylic polish and acrylic spray paint kits.

Do you sell your products at consignment shops? Yes, you can find some items at our consignment shops throughout New York State. Many of our items are new (see below). Some of our items, like polishes can be difficult to find at stores (this would include many brands). Therefore, it is best to visit a consignment shop when in New York State.

What is the best way to determine value? You can do a lot of analysis on our site, and we have a great way to use our price chart. You can see the exact percentage values for each item for each size or color. You can also download the price chart at this link:

Can I make my own jewelry or use your jewelry in my own projects? In some cases, we do sell custom made items. This is not a recommended method of buying jewelry, as you will be limited in the number of rings you can make, and this method of making jewelry does not guarantee a finished design.

Can I use your jewelry in wedding invitations for our events? Our jewelry is a wedding ring design and we do not custom make wedding invitations.

Can I sell you jewelry? No, we offer no products that are sold on our site.

Do you ship internationally? We are not able to send orders internationally.

Are you accepting cash or credit card payments? We do accept cash and credit card payments over the phone.

What is a gift certificate? Gift certificates are a great way to spend on our site, but they are not tax free, unlike other gift certificates. Please contact your State Tax authorities to determine if your State allows gift certificates.

I can’t find what I’m looking for… What is for sale in your store? We have many types of items available in our online store. If you do not see what you are looking for, please click on “Contact Us”. We are always happy to help and help finding that beautiful ring you were looking for!

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