Can you do spray paint art on canvas?

It’s like having the paint just hanging on the wall and you can paint whatever you want and it keeps the air freshener and the heaters on all the time. And it looks so cool. I’ve found a couple people who have painted on canvas, and they’ve got these cool little paintings. When I hear about this, I love to get involved. I think it would be such a good project, I would be so proud of them.

You’ve got a pretty extensive history of creating visual art, including the creation of various graphic novels, comics and films under the brand name Lazer Team.

Lazer Team was all done in Photoshop CS3, which is the Photoshop in which I have been doing all my art for my first 50 years, and we just went and made a game that’s very much more freeform than Lazer Team, and we made a new art book. The game was made in CS2 and CS3. All this stuff was made very deliberately, very purposefully, and we still keep that in mind.

For Lazer Team 2, we were thinking the same things, but there’s so many other things you can do with Photoshop. That said, the first game we made was Lazer Team. You need to have some artistic skill if you want a career in graphics. People with artistic skills can make stuff with their hands. The first job you should have is to be able to figure out how to paint.

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Where does your artistic skills lie now?

I work in the digital industry now, and we use Photoshop a lot, and a lot of other types of software, for making all kinds of stuff. I try to teach people how to use Photoshop, to see what’s possible. I like to teach people to think and think about the stuff we do. It feels like art. It keeps you grounded.

As far as where the rest of your professional work has gone, I was doing some stuff on the webcomic “The Dorkly Chronicles” which is a cartoon about the Internet, so it’s been very hard to find work in the last couple of years. My friends have been doing a lot of stuff.

I think about my art on my Facebook. I do art all the time on Facebook, and my friends use Facebook to make art on their own. As much as I want to just do stuff myself, it doesn’t seem that easy.

I’m just glad I got into these jobs