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Well, for my last couple of art projects and one project for this site, I painted on canvas in about a day, and that was something that I had seen in video games.

If it’s a new concept, we use brushes of paint on the canvas, and spray paint on some foam.

I just have to make sure the size of the canvas is right and that the right surface is exposed.

So how do you do the spray-paint on canvas, and why are you doing this?

Well, because I get to get up close and personal and see it in the moment. I know that I can’t reproduce the paint in my head.

When painting on canvas, with spray paint, you can kind of get an idea of what a painting would look like. I have to focus in really quick and do something special in that moment, especially with a larger canvas.

I also like the idea of the air bubbles that are created; that really allows you to get a sense of the space and how many bubbles there are inside the painting.

A spray paint painting of the “The Game of O”

Is there one medium you feel is the most valuable? And what you want people to understand about your work?

One medium I’d definitely say is water – if you really see an image on water, it’s pretty cool.

Water is my main medium, because it really lends a feeling of depth and color to my paintings.
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I also love oil paint. I am a big fan of using oil paintings on canvas, because it has a feeling of depth, and it can be easy, and you can get really good gradations or very different colors with oil.

A painting of the “Blood of the Dead”

Is painting on canvas the most common medium for you?

Yeah, I think a spray painting probably more so. I prefer to use water and some oil on canvas.

I definitely try to use as much water as I can, because the water I use actually helps to dry quicker.

You have a lot of water in your studio!

Yeah, this studio is like a desert, and there’s a lot of sand – it’s pretty humid. I just kind of paint and let it dry all day.

There’s also a lot of sand in the studio, and I’ve got to wear a hat when working outside. You’ve got to wear a

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