Can you do spray paint art on canvas? – Spray Paint Art Stencils

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I see that you can do spray paint art on canvas, if you are a good painter. Do you have a specific brush or paint you like to use? [ edit ]

I am not a great painter, but I would recommend a really good brush for beginners. The way to paint a picture and be precise are the same. For spray painting I mostly use a gel/dabbing tool.

I can’t find my bike/diy/whatever! Help! [ edit ]

Your bike may be missing a key piece or part. Check your bike’s serial number and make sure you know where it came from, which year it was built and if it isn’t working it’ll be very difficult for me to help.

What should I bring with me after I arrive? [ edit ]

There are a bunch of things I recommend bringing, including a laptop/desktop computer, a tent/sleeping bags, a warm coat, batteries for your digital camera, and an extra pair of underwear. You can also just take everything you need with you.

How can I know what my bike is worth? [ edit ]

You can find a valuation spreadsheet for every bike I sell here. The numbers you’ll see are what you pay for it.

How can I make sure I won’t damage my bike? [ edit ]

As a safety hazard I require you to carry a repair kit every time you come into the museum. That includes things like a small paint brush and water, cleaning products such as soap, spray cleaner, and toothpaste, scissors, a rag and a small box with tools/toys to keep your bike looking as tidy as possible during your tour.

What time can I leave my bike? [ edit ]

You can start your tour around four to five hours before departure, depending on traffic and the length of your journey. I reserve the right to close some of the exhibits to allow you to finish your tour.

How do I lock my bike and how can I change my bike’s lock? [ edit ]

Lock your bike securely. Keep it in a spot where it won’t bump into things, and make good use of lock picks on it. There aren’t any locks at the museum but, if you can be bothered, you can have someone come and change the lock for you. If you need a lock to secure your bike, I can make you a small lock with a keyhole

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