Can you do spray paint art on canvas?

Not sure where to start with this? Here are some ideas or resources:

Graffiti Artist Man With Spray Painting Vector Illustration Hand ...
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The US Army is investigating a report that a civilian employee was kicked out of an Aberdeen, Maryland, military installations after she became aware of sexual misconduct by a member of the base’s staff.

In a statement, the Army said that it does not tolerate “unacceptable behavior” by its personnel, which is what prompted the investigation. In late November, the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command and the office of the general counsel “received information that a civilian employee of the Aberdeen Proving Ground was made aware of alleged inappropriate conduct by a senior military advisor to the command prior to the time she was employed at Proving Ground.”

The civilian employee, a woman, is now “ineligible for employment in the Army,” the statement said. An Army spokesperson also said that the investigation has been widened to include three senior members of the Command’s staff, including the commander, the head of the command and the chief of staff.

The woman’s complaint, filed in March,