Does Rustoleum enamel need primer? – Easy Spray Paint Art How To

Our formula works well with most enamel-coated paints (or all enamels) but will not bond as well with all-enamel paints. We’ve tested the Rustoleum enamel with over 25 coats of other paints with no major issues. If you’re worried about primer, it may be helpful to mix one gallon of your paint (a mixture of 30% water, 30% white vinegar, and 90% distilled white vinegar) with 2.5 gallons water and try primer in between coats.

Where can I buy Rustoleum enamels?

The Enamel Colors are available at any of our three local home retail stores (Weldon’s, West Elm, and Ace Hardware). Enamel Colors may also be purchased from the Rustoleum website, at many online retailers, and at our retail stores.

What kind of paint do you recommend?

We use Enamel Colors for our enamels because of the unique, scratch-resistant glass surface. It may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so check with your paint manufacturer. Most paints have a “hardened” coating on the surface that gives them the benefit of being safe for paint, wood, and metal finish finishes.

Will your Enamel Colors stick to wood surfaces?

Wood surfaces and paints are compatible. Wood finishes with a “hardened” enamel coating will be a little stiffer on wood, but will have greater resistance to scratching or scraping. If you’re trying to remove rust on wood or you use the Rustoleum enamel on wood before polishing, follow instructions for using wax to remove rust off metal and wood. Rustoleum enamels require extra care when removing rust because they’re highly reactive and need to be cleaned with soap and water. Keep the enamel polish well on hand when cleaning to avoid stripping off additional wax.

What about paint on wooden floors?

Rustoleum enamel does best on wood floors in combination with wax. We recommend wax that is “hard” (i.e., “hard to sand,” but does not “bond”) on the wood surface. Wood that has previously been sanded has a good deal of surface detail, but should be re-sanded for polishing. Rustoleum enamels will not bond well to wax.

How can I tell the age of paint on my furniture?

Rustoleum enamel does not age, as it’s resistant to scratching or rubbing.

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