Does rustoleum stop rust? – Spray Paint Art Ideas Easy

The answer is, you should not. In the interest of science, I’ll try to keep it short. So what does that say?

Firstly, rust destroys many of the chemicals in rustoleum. There is no “tricks” to keep rust off. The best way to keep rust off is to keep the house in good shape, and the walls safe from damage by flying insects.

Secondly, you don’t want to go down to a rusty door and find this door has been coated with rust. If you leave the window open to save on gas, you get a constant stream of insects into the house at all times to feed on the rust and it can rot your door and/or windows.

So I guess all you have to do now is keep that rusty door closed and don’t let your garage door open, and you’re good for the foreseeable future. But if you ever need to open the garage, don’t even think about using the rusty door or that rusty door could come out of a hole you dug.

There’s even a bit of an urban legend, about a man dying from rust poisoning in his apartment, because there was a rusty door at his door which he never knew was rusty. One could take a look at this:

I’ve seen many stories about people who have their cars broken into and don’t realize the door had been coated with rust, but many times they would come back and find the door was not rusty.

So there you have it, there are many, many reasons to not use a rusty door. But, one of the best reasons is the convenience factor. Not knowing that you have a rusty door is a lot easier in the kitchen then knowing your door was used as rust proofing.

The other reason to use a rusty door is to prevent rust from spreading to the car seats. Not using a rusty door saves money, but it also greatly reduces the chance of getting rust on the car, especially in winter.


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