Does spray paint contain lead?

Yes, it does. In fact, the presence of a lead component of the paint can increase the potential for lead exposure.

You can avoid the problem by purchasing a paint protected by lead content.

Lead can be present in your home anywhere from 2% to 12%. Some lead can also get deposited on surfaces where it is mixed with water. You can protect water surfaces using a water-based paint called a polyurethane or PVA and a product containing a metal oxide called PVA that has a higher lead level than other types of paint. But even though there is a lower risk of lead paint problems in the home, people should not use anything with excessive amounts of lead.

There are two types of paint – acrylic and polyester based, which do not contain very high lead percentages. If you buy the acrylic paints, you might see that the lead content is less than 10%. If you buy the polyester paints you might see that the lead is over 30%. Many water-based products also contain aluminum chloride, which can raise your risk for lead poisoning. Read more about buying water-based paint.

Is there a danger from the lead in your home?

As with any paint, when the lead has been absorbed into the paint it is called “painted over”. In residential housing, as little as 1 to 10% of the lead in the paint is “painted over”. So, if you were to buy only paint coated with a lead free paint and paint over the entire property with it, the lead amount would not be that high. There are a lot of lead based products around, however, that contain much higher amounts of lead. So, the risk of lead poisoning really goes up with paint.

When using a paint protected by lead content, make sure that it is not applied to a very low level of any lead and that you do not have a lot of people around who might breathe it in or eat it up.

How can I stay away from paint that is on my house?

Use a new paint and a water-based paint that is only used on a water surface. If you want a water-based paint, it is only good for residential and commercial use.

If you want to buy paint with a higher lead content that can be more easily treated to remove that lead, you can usually get a spray-painted paint called a “lead free spray paint”. The lead content in lead free paints should be less than 1% and