Does spray paint contain lead?

Spray paint does contain lead. But, it is not a good idea to use paint to paint the exterior of a building or a vehicle before it is painted.

How can I prevent corrosion damage to my paint?

In general, if you plan to paint the exterior of a building, apply enough oil and water to cover the paint job. Then wipe off the excess oil and water with an alcohol wipe or rag to get an even coat that won’t mar the surface.

What size should I use to paint my vehicle?

The size and thickness of the paint is critical in choosing the right paint, such as a vinyl, vinyl with anodized copper, lacquer, or enamel.

Note that anodizing the inside and exterior surfaces of a vehicle is an expensive method of prevention, and not recommended if you can afford to do the job yourself.
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Why didn’t I think of it before?

In my opinion, the best way to prevent corrosion damage to painted wood surfaces is to clean it. There are many ways to do that.


What type of surface should be covered with paint?

If the paint is just sprayed on, an oil-based coat on the exterior will stop corrosion.

Do I need to clean my vehicle with wet or dry detergents?

When washing your car, the car is not covered in paint because the paint is thin. You only need to remove the paint and any dirt or dust that was in the front or sides of the car.

How do I get the surface of my car dirty?

When washing your car, use a soft cloth or squeegee on the car to get it clean. Rinse the car with warm water. Then you can rinse it down with clean water again until it is dry.

For the inside of your car, always try to leave paint alone. But do not let the paint completely dry and the paint begin to lose its gloss. If the inside of your car has rust then it is likely that there is a significant amount of corrosion that needs to be cleaned out to prevent further corrosion damage to paint. We recommend getting a professional to do this work.

Note: The paint can be cleaned as the weather improves by spraying it with a product called “Bromic Wax.” The use of this product is intended to allow the paint to keep its shine and make it water resistant. When all the rust or deterioration is gone