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I love experimenting with paints & finishes. However, at the same time, I know that you can’t do it all, so there are still some things you need to go into to start painting. My recommendation would be to find what you like, practice that painting for a while on several things, if you are going to attempt a full-scale painting at this point you should definitely start with what you know and try to get an idea of the techniques you want and how it will look in the end. So, for instance, you might find that you want something more in between a simple, traditional painting, or a more detailed & dramatic art style. Once you get your idea down there are a few things you have to keep in mind. First of all, it might be hard to get a good idea of how your idea is going to look. So that is why I use this simple method of painting and a few other methods of painting, such as using a spray bottle or sponge to get it started.

So, before you start painting, you have to decide what you really need to paint, what kind of style you want to express, what kind of colors you want your pieces to be, and what kind of effects you want the final piece of art to be. Once you got yourself that kind of list it’s time to start spraying. For more info about the various painting methods I can offer you check out my tutorial where I show you a few of the most popular painting methods.

I hope that helps!

– Akoal, Photo By: H.E.A.F

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