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It’s not that you’ll get caught in the act, it’s just that you tend to go about your ordinary business as usual—except when you need to go into a place that some people in the area call a graffiti spot. But it can be done—the biggest secret is that they usually put the graffiti under your car, like a sticker or a sticker that someone sprayed on your windshield—and that’s your best weapon in fighting for the right to get out of the area and go home so they can’t find you. I wouldn’t say you need to get caught graffiti, but it’s always good to know what you should say when you get pulled over—and how to go about explaining it to the officer.

What’s the difference between graffiti and graffiti prevention?

Graffiti is just like any other graffiti, except it’s really bad. It tends to be on buildings or on windows—but that’s where many people think graffiti is the best way they can be protected. The main difference is that the way to actually make your graffiti less permanent is to be more creative and find creative types of graffiti. Graffiti isn’t just stencils and markers, and even if it is your first time and you don’t feel anything, you’ll still find your graffiti there, but it will be much less noticeable. There’s a saying among graffiti artists: “It ain’t a job, it’s a way to express yourself.”

One of the best graffiti prevention tips I’ve ever heard was from an old-school graffiti artist—or at least a good one—that really helped me and stopped me from spraying all over the place like most people do before they get caught.

When you have to spray paint over your own graffiti, are you concerned?

Well, you’re never going to get rid of it, but as long as your paint covers it, then you’re fine. That’s actually the reason that I like to spray paint first. If you’re spraying over your own graffiti, then you might think it’s going to come back. If you spray over it, then your paint will come back. But when the graffiti artist says, “You can actually get rid of it if you spray it over” in a way that they haven’t come up with yet, then I see it as a chance to learn. I mean, if people start painting under my graffiti in two to three days, then they might not be able to come back and spray over my graffiti anymore,

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