How do you not get caught graffiti?

I’d say no good for the city unless they did a better job than the first two days.

How do you like living here?

I like it here; I like getting out of my house and living a normal life. I’m doing better than I did when I first moved here. A lot of the work it takes to stay in this part of the country you have to get off the job for a couple of weeks. It’s not in my nature.

How long have you been living here?

I moved here in 2002; now I’m almost five years later.

Is Portland your home for long?

I’ve always lived here. I like the feel. I think what has come down is the cost of living in Portland. At the time you lived in one-bedroom houses with no backyard and a dog that wasn’t particularly friendly, I was living in a two-bedroom. It’s not much better now.

What would your answer be to those who have been living in Portland for 30 years?

I’m just happy to be away from the people; I don’t see them anymore. It’s not much different than living anywhere else. I was in a city for a while and wanted to stay and, of course, I had to sell my house. I’ve lived in other cities, but at the time living in Portland really was the best thing I had ever done.

Do you still have time to visit Portland?

Oh yeah. Last summer the weather was great and I had a great time! It was very nice. I’d love to go and see a friend’s house in Hood River and have dinner with a bunch of friends. Hopefully I’ll see somebody on the coast or the South End. It’s kind of crazy to have people here that have been there longer than I have.

Who do you want to meet at the end of the day?

Just all the people in my life; I don’t care where they are. It’s been a lot of fun, and hopefully I can spend time with the rest of the friends I’ve made.

What would you have to say to those who’ve been asking you to return to Portland?

Just live in Portland. It’s a great city.

What does the future hold for the graffiti artist?

Hopefully I’ll keep creating good stuff, even if they’re in Japan, somewhere in Sweden. I’ll still make better