How do you spray paint a compressor?

Well, in most of the world, it might as well be a paintbrush.

But I’m not here to tell you what to paint a compressor with.

So let me present you with a pretty cool compressor painting idea.

It looks like a giant paint brush.

But it’s super fun to paint.

So when I spray paint all of your equipment, you should expect to hear me yell “Brilliant!”

I’m pretty certain my dad could do a very good job.

I’m just going to spray-paint your compressor.

Just spray the white paint paint on the underside to give it a very clean look.

It’s going to look like a paint brush.

Spray-paint the middle of the paint.

Spray it a little over the white paint.

It’s going to look like a paintbrush.

Spray-paint the top of the paint.

Spray the rest of the way around it, just enough to get some of the paint on the edges.

That’s it!

Now your job is to take the paint and spray it on to the compressor.

Then spray the compressor a few times around the inside to get some of the paint on the inside.

Spray-paint the outside to get the paint on the surface.

Repeat these steps all the way to the top of the compressor.

And then repeat on the top part of the drum.

And the side of the drum.

And the bottom of the drum.

And again on the inside of the compressor.

That’s a very clean look to these pictures.

But I’m pretty sure it looks even cleaner at night.

So you can probably tell when I’m done without me yelling “Brilliant!”

Just smile and carry on.

But I’m not done yet.

I can still paint your compressor.

And I just need to remove the paint first.

And I need to let all the paint get all on the inside of the drum.

But I am going to spray paint the top of the drum and the interior of the compressor,

so that I can let the paint go all the way around without going all the way on the inside.

And I’m going to do this two different ways.

One with