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I have done it but never tried it on a boat. I just saw the boat was in need of a new exhaust and thought I’d try.

It’s no mystery that the iPhone has the longest battery life on the market, especially in a device with no moving parts. However, if you wanted to squeeze even more out of that battery, you could probably do it with a Samsung S4. Unfortunately, that idea is about to die a horrible death. Apple’s new iPhone 5s doesn’t have the same energy density, which means it will run on less juice — the Galaxy S4 had the same amount of energy packed into a cell on its last edition.

Samsung is well known for its battery prowess. Its Note series, S5, S6 and S6 Edge all have excellent batteries despite being quite thinner than what you’d find in Apple’s devices. Its new devices are expected to have great longevity as well. The reason is the same: It’s got more power for the same price. According to the Korea Herald, Galaxy S4 shipments were up by 15 percent in the last quarter and are expected to rise 5 percent to hit 4 million units.

Samsung is one manufacturer who knows how to put a big number on battery life, considering it’s got the largest handset manufacturer’s portfolio. However, it’s still doing it at a disadvantage to Apple’s newest iPhone. The S5 is expected to provide better battery life than any Galaxy of all time. You can imagine it being a big deal when the Galaxy S4 ships.

A couple of months ago, I had been thinking a lot about what I would miss the most by not being part of a community. I thought I would miss the freedom and flexibility to work on projects in whatever manner I felt was right in my time frame, the social aspect in which I became close with a lot of the community, and the friends I would have. The time will come though, and I hope those who enjoy the same are able to find something to love.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my next move away from here, as the people around me seem to have so many things to complain about. It makes me wonder what I’ll miss most…I do have the most favorite thing about being a GM: having a bunch of cool ideas being considered. But I also think there is so much to do and learn right now, that I’d miss out on just about anything.

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I’ve been thinking about doing a lot of things since

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