How do you spray paint fine lines? – Spray Paint Art Supplies

I was a beginner so I didn’t think too much about the details yet but now I am beginning to pick up more, especially on darker pieces which I’m painting to create a softer texture. Now that it is a little easier to see the details that I’m making with a finer grade I find myself using it more though, even if I already have the brush and palette.

What are some of the things you like about this technique?

My first brushful with the brush. It was great but I’d like to increase the brush size as I get better too.. Also I find it easier to get a really good line on darker pieces if I’m spraying paint on a flat side rather than at angles. But the hardest trick to getting a good line is getting enough paint to make a great line. I’m not sure if that’s a problem or not, I’ll just have to test it out before I make an official post on facebook!

What do you think about using acrylic paints or spray paints?

They’re not cheap, so we can just spray. I’d love to get a bigger palette but then maybe I’ll have to paint with a brush!

What else should we know about you?

I’ve been painting since I could walk but now I’m working as a designer at a creative agency which suits me quite well haha. I usually like to go on trips outside Paris when I can, there’s no real city in it but beautiful landscapes. I like to travel with my girlfriend when she comes to a game night. We met online and have been friends ever since.

Thanks for the interview Mr. V. 🙂

Thanks, I really appreciate it, you’re always great to meet and talk to!

What’s your style for a painting ?

My style is usually quite simple. I like simple colors with big details. I paint small details so they appear as big as possible instead of big. For example, on smaller pieces of a larger image there could be something like an empty spot in the background if it’s hard to paint. A nice line or spot could help with the sense of perspective. So I use these small, but still very important details for my small paintings.

Why should a painter be proud of their paintings?

They’re proud of those that inspire people. They see these large canvases and think that they could do it better. I get so inspired by those. I’m lucky enough to be able

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