How do you spray paint fine lines?

Do you use a spray primer? Can you use a primer to get the paint working properly during the paint job?

I think it’s worth getting this kit out of the way now, because I want to show you how to paint fine lines on the P-51.

Start with a good quality oil base, and mix it with a small drop at a time with a fine point tip pen and start over. You want a small amount of black to be able to work on it without the paint bleeding through.

When you start the mixture, don’t stir very much, just move around the brush and use a soft and light pressure (like using a spoon).

After a minute or so, the black will become transparent, and the oil will start to dry. This is the time to apply an oil paint based primer.

Now I prefer to use water based paints (a quick word about how to use water based paints…) to start from, to make sure they will stay clear. You want to let them set for at least 30 minutes.

The black that begins to dry will then begin to adhere to the paint. If you want to be sure they are dry, I recommend you start the paint out at a low speed and watch it over on a slow rolling dap until it is completely dry. Keep an eye on them.

Then to take them out, and wipe them out, you have the problem of how to get the black out. You really don’t want to wipe the coating off on your hands, because they can easily dry and bleed.
Man holding spray paint hand drawing Royalty Free Vector

I suggest using a small tool called a Dremmel. This tool is easy to use and a pain to clean up afterwards if you get paint all over your fingers in the process.

The paint gets a little yellow. This yellow is the finish on your finish, and will be a little darker than the black. I like mixing up some white into the mix and mixing it up to the yellow.

Then to clear it, use some water, and add whatever you want to make the paint stick. I start with some white, then add some clear or black paint. Use whatever you want.

You have to use a few drops of oil to clear off the yellow paint as it dries. You can do the same with the other parts if you want, but I feel like it’s better to use only a few drops because you can get a little messy with so much going around.