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Like anything else, spray painting can be challenging. Just like any other hobby, it can be a long, exhausting process! Here, we’ve laid out all the steps you need to get started with spray painting.

Step 1: Read a book on spray painting

To have any kind of success, you need to have a head start. Read a good guide on how to create your own custom artwork! You can get one of those pretty easy enough — or use it on your wall!

Step 2: Learn how to paint

Materials required for Mixed Media... 1.Fevicryl Acrylic Colors 2 ...
We think learning how to paint from our tutorials on Amazon is a great place to start! Here, we’ve put together a list of all the tutorials we reviewed to help you learn how to do good. There are tons of different things to learn from these tutorials!

The goal is to learn your paint skills in a fun way by making your own cool prints and wall art.

Step 3: Find a store to buy supplies

It’s often tough finding DIY supplies in stores! Luckily, many local craft stores offer lots of great DIY supplies in stock, including stain, ink and stencils.

Step 4: Create fun images!

Once you’ve gotten a set of supplies, you can start creating your own cool art! We’ve done a few examples over here to get you started. You can create pretty images like this or you can just paint whatever you really want with spray paint!

You can take a look around and see all of the cool images we’ve created for you. It’s fun to see all of the different art styles we’ve created! If you don’t know how to do your own artwork, check out our tutorials to make it easy.

Also, check out our Pinterest boards where we’ve had great suggestions on getting started with art! We’ve also shared everything we’ve created and recommended on Pinterest. See what you can create with your own spray paint art!

Step 5: Share your creations!

Share your creations and other DIY crafts with us. We want you to find inspiration through your own creations.

Plus, if you love our free DIY guides, you can download them right now! If you’re itching for inspiration, sign up for our newsletter and you’ll receive special offers and freebies on our awesome DIY projects. We want you to have great ideas and help you get started creating your own work!

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