How does spray painting work?

Paint work is really easy. The paint works by transferring a chemical to the air. So you spray and leave the paint running for about an hour to create the surface. Afterwards, clean off the paint and dry your surface. This is just like dry weathering a leather surface. You might have to wipe the surface a couple times before it becomes really smooth. It takes a little longer to make it look 100% like an original vehicle. A lot of it is a matter of using a good brush that has a flat edge you can apply with your fingers and really keep the paint on a smooth surface. Then you can dry out the entire surface and start painting the rest of the vehicle later. Another important tip is to let your paint dry as quickly as possible, it requires the most time.

What does a professional paint job cost?

That varies. The average price in the US and Canada is a little over half a million dollars, but it can all go up. One way to tell costs of these jobs is by looking at the total amount of paint needed in the finished model, the amount used to make the actual work, and the cost of a new truck.

Why I love paint
7 Grunge Spray Texture (JPG) |

I love all the different types of paint. This is why I decided to get serious about my truck painting. There are other aspects, like having good paint, that makes a good painting job. I was also looking for something simple, like the way the car looks, but with a bit of variety, so it was tough to decide between the different types of paint.

The reason I ended up buying the paint in the first place was because I had an uncle who started doing truck paint the day it hit shelves. He painted most of his own cars and just enjoyed the process of making something new. We got to talking about it and we decided to try it together, so we started doing a lot of the work on his cars while we were still in college. From there I was hooked, I just wanted to be able to have any type of vehicle. We would go through them over and over to see what we liked, so I can learn more about different methods of painting trucks that would be perfect to build a paint job of.

Our next project, we would want a new trailer. This would be a truck and trailer. Now that I can make my own truck, I’ll be able to do a lot of the work on the trailers, which will be much cheaper and faster.