How long does it take to get good at graffiti?

You have to have a lot of hard work to find your way. It has its own style, but it’s definitely a form of expression. It’s difficult not knowing where you can go next and being patient. And it’s about being creative too.

Where can people get their hands on it?

On the internet, by way of Instagram and Tumblr and Twitter, but more specifically on the Graffiti Blogs. There is a section of the Blogs dedicated to all things Graffiti so, for example, the Graffiti Gallery is the place to go look at all the artists around the world.

Where can people get an education on the art form?

There are a couple of websites like Graffiti School in Melbourne and a group of school students in Adelaide who have been teaching graffiti for about three years now.

Are there trends for the next few years?

When I was living there I noticed there was a whole lot more graffiti than I thought there would be in the beginning. Things in Sydney, for example, would be mostly street art.

What can we expect in the next two or three years?

I think there will be more and more people exploring graffiti as a form of expression, but I don’t think there will be a lot of change on the ground with more graffiti tags.

Graffiti in Sydney now

A painting by the graffiti artist A. K.

Graffiti in Sydney is as colourful and varied as the city itself. Here are just some of the graffiti tagging opportunities you may find in Sydney:

Sydney’s Best Graffiti Bars

Moss Street at the southern tip of the harbour

On the outer edge of the city, Moss Street is home to one of the city’s most iconic graffiti spots. The building that houses this spot in the CBD was also the site of the famous Banksy graffiti tagging, which may still be visible even though it’s been cleaned up.

The place has a friendly feel to it, featuring a few bars and restaurants as well as galleries and a couple of graffiti art shows. It’s worth a night out just to see what’s on offer for graffiti aficionados – it’s one of the more interesting spots for you to see what’s going on in Sydney.


Lara is definitely not your average bar; it’s a little bit like a skate spot. They do a large selection of different artwork, graffiti and even pop-