Is acrylic or oil paint better for Wood?

Oil and acrylic paint will not allow your wood to absorb any stain or stain product. This is a great thing for the first two coats for maximum gloss. However, once the first coat drys, your wood will absorb most of the product.
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Wood absorbs stain (like a sponge) as it dries, not as it cures. This can be extremely troublesome, especially to those of you who have a tendency to stain/melt products. The best thing to do is finish with the first coat of stain/MSS. It will hold it in place very well and it will also allow you to add a nice finish to the whole surface of the wood. However, if you have ever stained something and ended up having another person finish the same item, things don’t usually work out well.

Can I use a stain/MSS product on wood without it taking over?

Yes. It is very unlikely that anyone would leave a stain/MSS residue on your wood. However it is possible, and there are a few steps you can take to ensure success.

First, you will need to soak the wood with a non-toxic stain. A product such as Dottie’s Wood Stain is a safe choice. It does not include any chemicals or additives, and is a low-maintenance product. We highly recommend that you use Dottie’s product instead of your normal stain as the product provides a nice, even finish and makes it far more difficult to wash off.

Once soaked and allowed to dry for 10-12 hours for a natural stain, remove the product by rubbing it off or rubbing it in with a towel. If leaving the stain, wipe the wood with a clean rag and allow it to dry overnight. If you want to wait until it dries completely, allow it to sit for 4-6 hours before removing the product. You would also want to allow the product to dry completely before you plan on doing a final coat.

Finally, you will want to follow up the entire application with the final and most thorough wood stain. Allow the stain to dry completely and then apply a second coat. Follow up the finish with a final coat to seal the product and prevent it from sticking to the wood.

My wood has a lot of color in it, and I am worried it won’t go away.

Wood is essentially a living organism and will absorb any color present. This is especially true while it is freshly dried. If you do