Is acrylic or oil paint better for Wood?

I have tried both and found they both perform the exact same when using this technique!

Will it affect my Wood Grain? I use my Wood Plastics to finish each chair and I don’t think they have any effect on the wood grain. I also don’t understand why the people who say Wood Plastics would change the wood grain say it would in wood. Do Wood Plastics affect the grain? We did this for my wood box table and it added a nice grain to the wood, but it wasn’t what I wanted. Do I have to do the same?

I am looking into other colors/furniture to use it. Is acrylic paint the best? Are you concerned about breaking it?

I am interested in purchasing 2-3 chairs for my husband’s living room. Where did you buy them? Can I have them with removable legs?

On Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, tweeted a photo of an unidentified man, who was wearing what appeared to be a KKK t-shirt, with the caption, “Why I Vote for Ted Cruz.”

Cruz, who’s facing off against Donald Trump in his home state of Texas, then posted the photo to Instagram, where his followers could see it in real-time.

“Why I Vote for Ted Cruz” — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) March 11, 2016

Cruz’s tweet prompted criticism from some Twitter users, some of whom accused Cruz’s campaign of being “insulting” to the KKK.

@tedcruz you’re actually insulting a KKK leader by posting this pic with your followers — Matt S (@bluematt123) March 11, 2016

@tedcruz You must have a very low tolerance for criticism, and you probably aren’t even paying attention to the news anyway. — A Very Good Friend (@CJ2K) March 11, 2016

@tedcruz The only thing you know about the KKK is you’ve heard it. Are you trying to be insensitive or are you trying to embarrass them? — Brian (@Dale_JLX) March 11, 2016

@tedcruz you’re disgusting, and this is what you do to the KKK. — The Red Hand (@TheRedHand) March 11, 2016

A spokesman for the Cruz political campaign told CNN