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Well here is an article saying that Krylon makes you as well.

Krylon vs. Rustoleum – Should you use Rustoleum or Krylon?

What is Krylon?

Ridiculously effective detergent

A great choice for stains and water stains

Not a good choice for stains that are not water-based

The one thing I want to add is this: You can use Rustoleum and Krylon at the same time. Why? Because you get a cleaner, cleaner, cleaner feel as you’re using the two types of products. But you don’t get a cleaner, harder to see, faster drying, longer-lasting feel. That’s why as far as I’m concerned, Krylon and Rustoleum are competitors!

The two products may not seem to compete, but to us, their products are just not the same. The biggest reason for this is that Krylon has the advantage of a water-based formula while Rusty says it has a mineral solvent product. But what they have in common is that both products, after a cleaning, have a little bit of time in between use to get the product on your skin with little soap needed. As far as I’m concerned, this is a great benefit over Krylon.

However, what a really great benefit of these products is that if you’re using both, you’ll never need to use a separate stain remover – all of your stains will wash off with it’s cleaner, fast-drying, longer-lasting feel. All of my husband’s shirts have the Krylon stain remover on the bottom of his work shirt. Now he will always clean it with a separate stain remover.

Rusty vs. Krylon: Which stain remover is best?

I’ve seen a lot of articles from people who say that Rusty is better than Krylon or that Rustoleum may be better than Krylon to remove stains.

Here is a link to some articles that discuss this subject.

Rusty vs. Krylon vs. Stain Remover: Which is Right for me?

I can only tell you this: I don’t make my decisions solely based on what others say. The way I do it is based on what’s better when you’re trying to remove stains in the first place. If you want the best results from cleaning stains, I’d use a stain remover with a mineral solvent (Rusty or Krylon) on

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