Is Krylon spray paint good? – Fremont Street Spray Paint Art

It’s a bit more expensive than other spray paints, and there are reports of it drying on your paint and your job getting easier to clean. The manufacturer’s website sells this as being a “high quality” spray to paint product. If it is good enough to last an extended period of time, let’s get on with it.

As you can imagine, this is a big test to answer. I’d like to know if this is good for your garage. I was told on this site that it is a medium quality product that can be used around and on vehicles such as vehicles, trailers, and boats. I’d like to know if it is a good product for my car.

So without further ado below are our observations:

Washing it with water for half an hour is just disgusting. I know, we can’t talk about what a pain it is, but it really is. The water will leave a pretty horrible smell in my garage, and even if I don’t let the car sit for an hour it will still smell just horrendous.

Washing it with water for 30 minutes is enough to wash it down and out of your car. I’m not kidding. The only thing that could clean it off was a very, very good old scrubber. I’m not crazy about a scrubber, and I don’t use one myself. But this stuff is just nasty on anything that has it on it.

Paint, in most instances, dries to a matte finish the first time it comes out in the wash. I would take an extra ten minutes to thoroughly wet, scrub, and dry it. Again, not crazy about that scrubber, but it works with pretty much all of them. If you’ve ever done a car wash, you know how the paint turns from a deep, rich color to a “chalky” or dull, peeling finish very quickly in the wash. I was so surprised that even the first time I put my paint in the rinse bucket it didn’t come out all that great. When I was washing it it started off as a deep rich color. This was also the first time I have used Krylon. The first time I did one day we were washing cars outside and it was dry to the top within 45 minutes!

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I found that this product just never came off after getting the paint off. I did the first time I ever used it and it was gone within 20 minutes. But a few months later just after it returned to

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