Is Krylon spray paint good? – Spray Paint Art Book

A. Krylon Spray paint is a good choice when your project requires great protection and longevity, especially for a non-porous surface. Krylon Spray Paint is the only quality spray paint that protects your vinyl with a high level of UV protection.

Q: Will Krylon spray paint stain my vinyl?

A: Krylon spray paint will not stain and can be buffed or cleaned with other non-soluble cleaning agents. In addition to being a superior chemical and a high quality spray paint, Krylon’s unique seal allows for easy installation and removal of Krylon Spray Paint. This ensures quick, continuous application which results in a longer life, less maintenance and a longer wear life.

Q: Will Krylon spray paint scratch my vinyl?

A: Krylon Spray Paint has a long history of usage for high quality automotive and light trucks. No Krylon spray paint stains or scratches or discolors vinyl. As a safety precaution, Krylon spray paint is only recommended for applications where the paintwork will be exposed to high levels of weather, such as on or near the paintwork or under car hood.

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