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Can I keep my car, motorcycle, RV, airship and other motorized property?

Do I have to get a permit to operate my small motorized items, like motors or lights on property?

What insurance do I need?

1. No-kill shelters

2. No-kill shelters and “no kills” parks are allowed in designated “no-kill” places. When a “no kills” place is not an approved “no-kill” location (the “no kills” place cannot satisfy applicable state or federal environmental protection laws) a “NO KILL” and “NO KILL” exemption on motor vehicles and trailers (and motorized equipment) is granted, but only for the use of such areas and only for the duration of time that the “NO KILL” and “NO KILL” exemptions can be used in that no-kill/no-kill place. For more information visit our NO KILL AND NO KILLS FAQ page.

3. For any vehicles, trailers, or equipment being moved off-site from an approved “no-kill” place, you must file a petition by mail or in person with your area county environmental protection district. Submit petition by U-mail to:

California Environmental Protection Agency

P.O. Box 214038

San Francisco, CA 94143-0038

or email, [email protected]

Filed applications are available upon request and must be signed and dated no later than one week before the proposed closing date.

4. A “no kills” or “no kills” exemption on motor vehicles is granted in most areas of California that do not meet state requirements. However, in some areas, such as Sacramento, “no kills” facilities may be closed if a no deaths/no kills facility is located outside of the designated “no kills” area. In the Sacramento “no kills” region, no-kill areas are either the Lake Tuba Recreation Area, the Lake Tuba Valley Recreation area or the Bayou Delta Recreation Area. You are permitted to transport motor vehicles and or trailers off-site and have the proper permits on each motor vehicle and trailer. (However, this applies only to the California Highway Patrol and other federal, military and state units in those areas where motor vehicles and trailers are not to be used for direct transportation or commercial trucking.)

5. For more information on permits and exemptions, visit our NO

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