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What is the difference between a carny & a carny

What is the meaning of the term

1 The word ‘Carny’ is derived from the German word ‘Carnicher’, which itself comes from the Old English word ‘Carnis’, meaning a black iron or iron ox, from which the word ‘carno’ comes. The name Carny is derived from an old English word ‘Snorkel’ that was used to describe the device on which sailors towing a boat would place a piece of wood. The term ‘Carny’ is now so widely used that it is used to describe anything that is not a car.

2 A carny is a white dog that has two thick black noses. The dogs are used as the ‘eyes’ in the story of the ‘Stoic’ woman. They are known all over the world, but the story goes that they were originally bred for the hunting of seals – but when they were released into the wild they became more and more aggressive.

3 A carny is an old German shepherd, or any breed of dog.

4 A carny is a young girl, often small, with one or two or three long black hairs on her head and her hair is curly and spiky.

5 A carny is a small brown cat that lives in the city.

6 A carny is a very noisy stray dog. It is common for people to have a ‘Carny’ as their pet cat but it is very rare for the owner to have a carny as a pet. Many carsny owners find that their stray cat will run up to the car and try to get inside the car. The cat is very difficult to take inside.

7 A carny is small and small-handed dog.

8 A carny has a black, short tail.

9 A carny belongs to a breed of dog from which the name of the sport of cycling derives.

10 A carny is a young woman of about 4 to 6 years of age. She is very beautiful.

11 A carny is about 3 or 4 to 6 inches High. His mouth is closed in a small mouth and his nostrils are open at the side. He is not generally of large stature.

12 A carny is a dog that is very loyal to the person that has trained it.

13 A carny’s coat is white or tan. His coat

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