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I think this whole topic is really a long winded rant of why I love rustoleum or why I was really so disappointed by it because when I first went on the hunt for a new tablecloth I would be the only person to say “I want a linen tablecloth with a blue/grey wool-dyed finish and rustoleum on it”. The same exact thing is why this piece will be a big hit to fans of linen and even a regular rug in general.

You know when your rug’s made of real wood, the color, texture, and even the feel can really make or break something that you might be trying to do with it. Rustoleum is more of what happens when the wood becomes coated in a sort of semi-glossy sheen that doesn’t really match any of the material characteristics, the fabric feels a lot lighter, and the fabric doesn’t feel like a regular rug but something totally unique.

I know that everyone is all in on wool now (I’m sure my mom would love me if I ever used her yarn for this), but if you’ve been around my blog you know that when I talk about wool I like to talk about organic wool from the UK or Australia. You’ll also need to know that I’ve grown up in Ontario where it’s not uncommon to see people in green and yellow t-shirts wearing the same color wool as everyone else. Rustoleum is definitely unique and different, there’s no denying that.

Here is a comparison of the actual fabrics of the two fabrics:

The red is a wool, while the blue is a grey wool.

It’s hard to find actual fabric for a tablecloth with a grey wool finish, especially in the US. I have a couple different options that would work with that color, including ones I found from DWR that were a nice olive green and brown, but none with the same texture, color, and pattern as rustoleum. Rustoleum is pretty well tailored to my tastes, and if you happen to be a wool lover but not a linen lover. I think the linen lovers will love this colorway because it’s unique enough, the color and texture is more similar to the fabrics, and it has the same feel as the wool.

What do you think? Are you gonna give this one a shot? Are you surprised I chose this one over others?


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