Is Rustoleum paint waterproof?

As always, it’s difficult to say at this stage, and it could be that this is because of the process used to coat the surface – you would be looking at ‘hard paint’, rather than a ‘soft’ coating. But for the time being, in my opinion, rustoleum paints certainly seem to be suitable for the job. If you don a waterproof surface protector, the paint will dry much faster and may even not need buffing for this reason.

What do all these colours mean?

One of the things I love about Rustoleum’s range is that they provide a diverse palette of colours, so you can easily choose a colour that suits you best. And as a colour-blind person, I often have difficulty choosing among all the different colours available. The colours are very pleasing, and although some colours look better than others, it is important to note that I also picked some colours from the very popular ‘black and gold’ range, so those may not appear as stunning as the rest. Still, I would definitely buy them again, and the colours will hopefully enhance your look and overall design.

How often should I sand?

The important thing is that you only sand as often as necessary. If it’s not just a scratch, then chances are you will be too busy rubbing the paint off to sand again. So, don’t expect to paint your vehicle just once every week, or every other week. I’m constantly changing the oil and the paint, and I think sanding isn’t always an effective way of removing damage.

How often should I let a paint dry?

As the paint dries, it becomes stiffer and smoother. It takes less time to dry, and after a few minutes, the sanding will begin to work faster. I would suggest letting your car sit overnight on your garage floor, or in the sun, depending on weather. Remember, your car will be exposed to the sun at all times, so be careful.

How often should I buff my car?

The best way to buff your car is to apply a non-abrasive buffing pad. Make sure that the pad is a medium smooth, the surface is not completely chipped and there are no exposed grits that may be causing a scratch. The surface can also be buffed slowly if needed, rather than applying the whole pad at once.

What do all of these colours mean?

There are 12 colours available – this makes