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Not really. The cheapest way to clear paint on surfaces is to use an over-the-counter liquid degreaser. But then there are products designed specifically for paint, like the Pro-Tough Clear Spray Paint System, which is designed to keep paint from sticking or sticking to anything else, like the plastic bags used to put on a water bottle or your hands. We tested the Clear-Tough kit out in our garden earlier this summer, and you can read all about it in our article here—how it works.

What are all the different tools for?

You might think all these tools would make it easy to clean old walls—when in reality, there are only a handful. You can also find a good cleaning solution at the grocery store—a lot of brands claim to be water-based, but you’ve probably never heard of them. The spray-on kind, which you spray through a spray bottle or directly onto an area of the wall, can keep paint from sticking or sticking to anything else. This is the method we’re going to outline in this series, starting with an easy-to-use spray bottle, and a very basic tool that will get the wall cleaner in just minutes.

What do I need to use a tool like that?

That’s where the best tool comes into play—it’s what you can’t see. If you’re looking to make it easier to clean old concrete or metal, a simple brush will do. If you want to pick up a paint gun and clean a whole room, you’ll need a small tool like this:

You can get spray-on cleaning solutions from stores, or you can find them online. You’ll probably find the Pro-Tough Clear Spray Paint System at your local hardware store for $3 or less. (The spray is designed to be water and alcohol-based, and is sold for use only with a spray bottle.) (Also, you might find other products in your local hardware or home improvement shop that might be useful for cleaning walls.)

How do I get an outside spray?

How many times this has come up already (I’m sure my parents say this!) you’ll have to use a bit of thinking. A professional outside sprayer is the way to go. It’s designed to spray paint to a thickness of 0.05 inch, making it easy to clean inside a container like a can. We recommend this option because it can provide a clean job while still managing

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