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How often should I paint?

Always. And never more often than once every four weeks!

Does my car need to be repainted?


I did a repaint and it was horrible! Am I doing this wrong?

No. Sometimes repainting (including the original paint) will fix some issues. In some cases, however, repainting can not fix the problem.

Do you get many complaints from customers who have problems? How do you handle that?


Can you paint a car in an effort, even if it’s something that shouldn’t be done, you would like to avoid?

No. Repainting is a part of the repair schedule.

Do you do repaints for other companies?

Yes. In fact, we have repainted cars for BMW before as well as others.

What’s your warranty on the paint?

Our paint and repair policy is simple: if you need the car to be repainted, we will do it.

How does the paint come clean afterward?

Our paint is re-blended to provide the best possible return on your dollar.

If I did the repaint myself can I get a refund?


I repainted the car and now it’s not doing so well. What are my options?

We do have a repair process that works.

How many parts must I buy to complete my repaint and repair?

1/4″ and 1/2″ plywood is the minimum.

Do you have to fill in those holes with oil?

Yes. Most of our paint work requires that the paint have been thoroughly lubed.

Can the paint be removed or is it completely restored?

No. This is a major job and needs to be done completely, in a manner that keeps the paint in line with the rest of the trim and trim underneath. The majority of our repainting works are painted over the original finish for example.

Do you paint only the front or the sides?

The rest of the car can be painted as well.

How long does it take for this work to be complete?

Usually within a week.

Can the paint be reused?

Yes, all paint work can be reused.

Can you return the car to an original condition

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