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With paint, no. The watery stuff can go through any sort of coating you might put on the surface, such as glass, wood or plastic. However, the paint will only get as deep as it needs to go. If you want the spray to go a lot deeper, you’ll have to use a larger, more powerful sprayer, because it’s much too slow to use if you have any sort of brush. The best sprayers are specifically designed for the job that you’re trying to go to—the way a water fountain is designed for the same application. A water fountain goes as full-strength as it can go to achieve the intended result. With a spray gun, there’s no real limit to the amount of paint that the sprayer will be able to do to the metal, glass or plastic, and when you start painting over it, some of the air can get sucked out of the mix so you’ll end up with a deeper, darker, more opaque finish.

How do you know what’s the right pressure?

The best pressure for coating metal surfaces is from the full-strength sprayer. This is because the more paint you can get to the metal, the deeper you’ll get the finish. So if you want deep, shiny coatings, add a bit more for the stronger finish. If you get a shallow paint job, reduce the pressure a bit—the amount of paint you’re adding is going to affect where the finish is going to sit. When painting over a finish, you’re going to see a lot of variation in the final look of the metal.

How do you know the correct pressure for making it look a color?

You can tell the pressure by looking at the color as you apply it to the metal surface. Some metal finishes get darker, and that’s because the metal can’t handle the high pressure of the paint. So if you paint over a light coat with a dark paint, you’ll end up with darker pieces; the paint just doesn’t have enough force to penetrate as deeply. Some metal finishes also have a certain amount of shine or patina that you’ll see as you continue on with more painting. When you use paint to coat metal, and your paint’s pressure level is too low, the coating will not stick as well and you’ll need to add additional paint with an increased pressure, or you’ll be disappointed.

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