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A. What you get is “pretty good.”

Q. What’s it like getting your first license? A. To get a license, all it takes is to show up in your county and complete the appropriate paperwork.

Q. Does it take more to get a tattoo? A. No. All you have to do is show up and complete the application and license. There is no requirement to see or examine any of the work before getting a tattoo. You can even go to any tattoo shop and get one for free.

Q. What do I need to bring with me when I get my tattoo? A. For an adult body art, it is recommended you bring along one of the following items in addition to the license and license forms required to drive a vehicle: valid ID with photo, one-page utility bill, insurance card, passport, birth certificate, and one-page driver’s license. Children, please bring along their birth certificates and social security cards. For a tattoo, you will be able to bring your consent form and ID. There’s no need for an appointment.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Every so often, a young man writes a poem about how he’s been living in an online world: “When an online connection makes the difference between life and death,” it reads. “That is when I know that I am not alone.”

This is the tale of Christopher J. Liddell.

In May of 2015, the 29-year-old American was murdered and reportedly hacked to death by another “dark web” user, a young woman named Sasha, after she claimed to have been raped and robbed of money by an anonymous hacker. According to the New Jersey Daily Star, Liddell’s online life spanned more than 10 million times, but it looked, in some ways, less diverse than it had in years past. The only other major difference between then and now: the digital landscape of the digital age was much more difficult to read back then.

A digital wilderness of anonymity

In 2012, the New York Times called the digital world the online wilderness by one definition: “This wild, uncultivated land where online activity has become the only possible form of interaction and where a person in total control of his or her own computer and a camera is the only possibility of getting anywhere in cyberspace,” the paper wrote in a story about a woman being tracked and stalked, by the FBI, by an anonymous troll using the pseudonym Paul Hastings

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