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If not, I would recommend trying to find a local fabric store that stocks some. I find it most often the fabric store’s line in a bag, if I have the option of paying the additional fee for a line in a big box. I have never found a good cheap one, however.

Do some basic sewing before you start. Just don’t stress too much about it.

Don’t get discouraged and give up. In my experience, it becomes really easy after about 2 weeks of practice. It requires some patience from the beginning, but after a certain point, it is easy to learn.

Do you have a good sewing machine? I have a Singer/Sewing-Aid/Glad-Woolman/etc., so I will post images of what my machine looks like here (they are of the Loomspot. The most expensive one in this review, the Moc to Loomspot.

This blog post is a review of a Loomspot, so please do understand that this is not a review of any other brand or brand of looms. I have not done any comparative tests to see the merits of different brands.

Before you begin: A big thanks to our friends at, I know many of you will use this tutorial as a reference.

Please note that this tutorial is written for the old Loomspot model. It has changed over the years, but it is a nice and clean looking machine. If you are interested in learning how to make your own Loomspots, check out this great site;

Before you begin:

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I have included a step by step video tutorial of the Loomspot here

The first part of the tutorial is not an actual sewing demo. We will be using fabric swatches and fabric that we are willing to purchase at a local fabric store.

Here we will start off with the fabric we are going to sew on with the Loomspots. After making sure that you have the size you would like and that you have the fabric to use, we’ll make our stitches.

The stitches in this tutorial are single stitches. Here we will be making a 4-need

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