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If you’ve been following this tutorial, you know that a sanding between coats of Rustoleum (or any other wax) is not recommended. If you have to sand between coats of Rustoleum, it’s safe to use any wax or a wax-based sealant, or even sand the nail between waxes.

What should I check at first? You can check to make sure your nail hasn’t been worn out before you start working on it with our simple finger print test. (This isn’t as useful as it once was, but it’s still helpful.) Or, if you think that the nail might be worn out, try sanding it with a high-speed disk or sand paper, and comparing the results with our nail sanding chart to see if you’re right!

Once your nail is properly cured, try working it a bit in. After a little while, stop working it. If you’re doing a short time of repair work without leaving for a while, you should take your time, make sure you’re still getting what you need, and give yourself time to get back to it.
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How much to sand? The most recommended method for short repair nails (less than 24 hours) is to start with a 100 grit sandpaper (like a sanding block) and sand at a rate of about 3-5 strokes per inch from the bottom up. A 150 gr. stone sandpaper is recommended for more extensive work, and it gets sanded at a much slower rate, so you get a lot more surface area to work with as you apply the wax. Sanding can take more than 1-2 minutes per square foot, so if you’re not getting adequate coverage, stop when you’re done.

There are three reasons why you might want to sand in between coats of Rustoleum: The wax is unevenly applied on the tip (so you’re rubbing it in too hard), the wax is rubbed on by the nail through a loose nail, or the wax is clotted together and will clog up the capillary system (the thin tubes that flow oxygen and oil up the nail tips while you work with them—and also the nail capillaries that carry oxygen and oil). In the latter two cases, we recommend working your nails using a sealant such as Rustoleum Oilskin Sealant Gel or Rustoleum Overnight Dry Sealant Gel, so that the sealant doesn’t clog the work surface.

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