What do graffiti artists use? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Netflix Official Trailer

For us that’s what they paint. They use it as a mode of expression — a way of expressing themselves in the streets as opposed to in your home. And you do see it everywhere, but it’s more visible now.”

In fact, a graffiti artist in Sydney, Australia, has won an Oscar for his efforts in a viral Instagram video (link in Spanish) that documents various types of graffiti all over Australia. This guy is no ordinary artist: His name is Graffiti Artist. He’s the winner of the Australian Instagram Art Prize, an honor bestowed upon him the first night and only to the winner after four. You can check out more of his artistic work on his website.

How does he do it? He doesn’t need a stencil or a spray can, or a computer. He can use a mobile phone or an Internet connection. He can also just have an artistic sense and work as he pleases. And of course, Graffiti Artist’s video shows him doing just that!
Speed drawing of Spider-Man 3 | Jasmina Susak - YouTube

As for the competition being a good thing for graffiti artists, I’m going to go along with it. It gives them the chance to express themselves in the most authentic way. And, they have the opportunity to learn from the experts and the best.

But, in the grand context, does a photo show graffiti, or do they instead say graffiti shows? You know what makes graffiti more than just art? A photograph. That image could have just as much meaning to our readers as a painting.

In other words: In the long-term it may not be graffiti, but when it comes to this contest, we all know the truth.

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