What do graffiti artists use? – Spray Paint Artwork

Graffiti has evolved over the years and the most modern graffiti writers now use an array of techniques and styles. One thing they all share is that as they paint, they have to create a space on the wall that is unique.

For most artists there is something to write that is always on-point. The word ‘WTF’ is a commonly used name for a graffiti writers concept of a wall, symbol or piece that is just plain ridiculous; the name ‘Gramma’ may refer to the Italian gang Gramma Di Bona, or the gang ‘Noises’ which is said to be a reference to the Noise (Noise) subculture.

It can be either humorous (Gramma di Bona) or tragic (Noises), or both. Many graffiti writers make all the references in their own mind. The most common reason they write the ‘WTF’ graffiti is because it looks hilarious; the reason why is sometimes they have another concept in mind for the piece and the writing just fits there.

There is also the fact that graffiti is so simple to write, many writers will try their best to fit the message into the space. Some will not think about the content at all and simply write the word ‘WTF’ on any area of the wall. Others will not really put thought into the content at all, and just write ‘WTF’ on any surface. This also includes ‘Gramma’. To be fair, other writers do occasionally use these words, but when you consider that the word is used so commonly in graffiti, it is hard to blame them as they have an idea on the topic at hand.

Many graffiti writers also put their own spin or themes into the wall or piece. Some put their own personal meaning to some of the graffiti, and these can become the most iconic and identifiable pieces.

So what about graffiti writers, are we supposed to worry about graffiti artists?

Not necessarily, for some have taken to street art, others have taken to ‘graphic design’ and others continue to use the name ‘graffiti artist’ as their own special moniker.

When someone chooses to call themselves a creative, creative writers simply uses their skills and abilities to create something unique and wonderful. In my opinion, this is something that we should focus on and appreciate for the positive change they bring to the street.

And that concludes our guide to graffiti.

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