What do graffiti tags mean? – Spray Paint Artist In St Louis

How is graffiti different from tagging? Do tags contribute to street art in the same way that graffiti does? We will walk through how to start an art project, how tagging works, and the importance of tagging as a means of urban communication.

Watch the video and find out what happens when the two worlds meet in the middle of Philadelphia.

Tales of a Cute Boy with No Name – Meet the Author

You can check out the first installment of our interview with artist and graffiti artist, Kevin C. O’Leary here: Stories of a Cute Boy with No Name

We will be talking with Kevin C. O’Leary about his career in graffiti, street art, what you can learn from street art, and the significance of graffiti, both as a physical and symbolized form of street culture.

Kevin C. O’Leary Interview – What You Really Need to Know

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In a bizarre incident, a woman was allegedly robbed of a smartphone in Bhopal on June 7, police said on Tuesday.

A woman was allegedly hit on the head by her friend in Bhopal and was left unconscious for five minutes.

“We received an SMS message where the recipient reportedly said that she was hit on head by her friend near the Sushil Street junction, a few metres away from the railway station”, Bhopal Deputy Police Inspector (Police) Ashish Bhaskar said

As the victim was undergoing treatment at the hospital, a passerby, who was about 80 metres away, realised she was in serious condition.

The passerby then called for help and raised an alarm, which prompted the police to immediately respond.

“We have lodged an FIR against the person who allegedly hit the woman as well as that of the man who allegedly called the policemen for help,” Bhaskar said.

One night earlier this month, a man from Washington, D.C. met with the owner of The Black Sheep on Pennsylvania Avenue. The owner, who asked us not to use their last name for fear of harassment, said the man was homeless and wanted to buy some food. The man handed over a $8 credit card to open a box of chicken nuggets and the man

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