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The answer would obviously be: spray paint – the most popular of all the art supplies. You can buy different brands for a huge amount; it all depends on what you’re painting, of course. There’s lots of different colors to choose from too – they just need to be different from one another. There’s more information on how to decide on colors for your paints over here.

How long does it take for you to make the most important piece to your museum?

The most important piece to your museum will take many months or even years until it’s finished. The best is to think in terms of time – it depends on the size and scale of the sculpture and, as mentioned above, the complexity of the work has to also be considered. A typical piece is made up from different sections, which are then painted together. You do want to start with something which is easy and can easily be replicated, so make sure the piece is small and easy to replicate, but the paint can be a little difficult to replicate, if the piece is huge in scale. There’s one artist who creates the works of his life, who uses small pieces of art to create enormous, elaborate works, which means that although the finished piece can take months to assemble and the painting is an absolute piece of work, you will only notice the end result the very very end.
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Do you have any tips for getting a good job as a painter?

Always be on the lookout for possible career paths which might suit you. The best jobs are to work for an art museum, but if you don’t have much more experience in the trade, then a design agency might also be a good idea. When you’re looking for work do research into the industry to see if there are any other people in the trade. You’ll find that many artists start out as a part-time work on a regular basis, and work their way up – the important thing is to understand that when you do leave the hobby, you’ll want an opportunity to make some money, so be sure you have enough experience to be able to start a business. It’s always best to talk to people about how they get a good job, so find out from someone who you trust what their experience and what they are looking for. If you can’t find the best place for your talents at a school, then go to university. The cost of tuition is usually a lot less than it is in your home country and that way you can always afford to leave with

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