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We’re guessing most people will say “Spray paint.”

But in reality, a spray-on painting is a very fine painting, especially considering that you use very little spray paint at all – so we recommend you learn how to color using oil paints or acrylics, for example.

The trick to using spray paint is to know the “instructions” you can make at home or online. Most people learn how to paint by looking at a catalog or at websites, or on a TV show or movie screen.
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Spray paints, by virtue of their simplicity, also make it easier to learn how to use them.

Spray paint and acrylics require you to do something that most people find very intimidating: learning how to mix your colors.

In a lot of spray paint catalogs, the instruction for painting an oil painting is, “First put a few drops of your color and then let that paint dry. After drying, mix a few drops of your desired color and let that mix dry” (I can’t remember which brand of spray paint catalog I heard that.)

For an acrylic painting you just fill a container with water, then place a few drops of your desired color in there, wait several minutes, and then put the container in the freezer. The paint will “breathe” into the water until it hardens. Then it’s time to pour in a few more colors. It’s that easy!

Another thing to be aware of is “dry time.” Some paints are designed to dry in a certain time; some are so moist they will not dry at all. To learn how you can use these “spray painted” oils in a spray or varnish pot for making painting with them fast and easy, read this step-by-step tutorial at In order to learn how to paint, you also need to learn how to use paint. To do that, read this article at

Spray paints and acrylics make it easier to learn how to paint.

That’s why we’ll continue to highlight the best and easiest-to-use paints, because they save you so much time.

Now that you understand the basics of how to paint, it’s time to pick your favorite.

Below you’ll find our Top Pick 5 Best Spray Paint Brands.

We recommend adding a splash bottle with a small pump or bottle cap to your painting supplies

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