What type of paint is Rustoleum spray paint?

Rustoleum spray paint is the only known non-flammable, environmentally friendly, chemical-free, and fire-retardant paint. All other paint chemicals are flammable, and all other paint is flammable by nature. It protects your paint and paint finish, but never comes into contact with your flesh. It must stay away from humans, pets, and other pets. It is not suitable for any other application, including medical and dental, fire, or water damage. For more information visit:

What is Rustoleum?

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Rustoleum® was a registered trademark of Rustoleum Paints, Inc.

Rustoleum is a registered trademark of Rustoleum Paints, Inc.

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Why are you working for Rustoleum?

The Rustoleum organization is dedicated to making the most of your time with rustoleum products, with an emphasis on being a fun, friendly company to work with.

Who are the founders of Rustoleum?

Matt Levenson, Matt Levenson and Brian Johnson are all business owners originally from South Dakota. The 3 of them founded the company together and are responsible for the development of Rustoleum products. Other founders include Joe McConaughy and Robert Hennen.

Who is responsible for shipping?

Customers who place a Rustoleum order with us receive Rustoleum products immediately and get it here with us in one easy trip.

Does Rustoleum provide insurance?

Yes, Rustoleum provides you with product insurance on the shipment of Rustoleum products to you. It is important to us to ensure that products arrive safe and in working condition. In order for this to happen, Rustoleum requires shipping insurance. It cannot be provided for a cost of shipping that is not covered under insurance.

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