What type of paint is spray paint? – Spray Paint Art Techniques

Any type of spray paint with a high level of pigments, or a spray paint with low levels of pigments is a spray spray paint. In general, the more color, the more expensive the product. The more pigment, of course, the more pigment the paint contains. The pigment concentration of commercial paints varies from paint variety to variety.

Are there different types of pigments?

Yes. Each individual pigment, like that found in commercial paint, contains its own unique mixture of organic and inorganic pigments. In some cases, a specific combination of both organic and inorganic pigments makes a colorant.

You can find out the specific pigments in a paint by checking the manufacturer’s label. An example would be the colorants used to dye leather furniture. They are all composed of a mix of organic and inorganic pigments. All of the leather colorants are based on one of two basic pigments, a dyesulphate and anhydrous. The dyesulphate is a simple organic acid and the anhydrous colorant is made out of an aldehyde. The dyesulphate colorants are the major contributors to the colorants in many of the modern furniture colors.

Do the pigments cause any harm to the product?

Some of the pigment compositions in spray paint cause some colorants to bind to the polymer fibers. This is good. It provides a strong chemical bond that helps the paint adhere to the surface. What it does, however, is damage the natural color of the wood or fabric. The dyesulphate and anhydrous pigments in commercial products contain a polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a dangerous chemical that is toxic to the body. The dyesulphate colorants are used to create the yellowing of paint, as is anhydrous paint. These colored products cause the polymer fibers to bind to the fibers of the paint. When the paint dries, the fibers melt, becoming a yellow deposit of iron particles that form a yellow/brown color on the surface of the paint.
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This stain develops the yellowing color not because the paint is toxic, but because the paint is the source of the dye, which is what the dye manufacturer expects us to buy from them.

How much stain does a commercially-produced paint apply?

The color of a commercial paint may be about as dark as you may want it to be if your wall is painted

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