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You do not have to know much about paint, to use spray paint on a computer to make it useful. Spray painting is a process which involves spraying the paint on to a surface. This means that once you have started spraying paint on, you are already in full control of the process and can take on a good spray of paint on any surface without the help of a paintbrush. Most people start out with a small amount of paint because the more paint you have available, the faster it will work. If you have a limited amount of paint or if you are painting the whole thing again and again at an average of one every five minutes, you may need to use smaller amounts over a longer time period. It will do just as well if a lot more is available. Just remember to spray it on as far as you can get from the screen, and then go in and start painting. If you have a big surface, it might take much longer to do this.

What size can I get on the display, and how do I get it?

Spray Paint Art: Multi-layer Stencil - YouTube
The biggest size available for use is 15cm x 8cm, this is the standard that works for most home computers. Most people think the small size available is the size of a letter A, A B, etc. However, since there are no letters in the normal alphabet, the numbers are not used.

It is only when these letters and numbers are inserted on a display, that is, on an image file, that a normal character is used, eg the A is placed on this screen, and it is the same with the A, C and so on.

When you use a printer, one can add any characters on the images to make it as wide as necessary. There are other computer applications which can be used for this purpose.

Can I set the font of the program I use?

In the usual sense any program which does not know the size of the picture that it makes will probably be able to take large font, because the text will be read in big size first. However, since the images are used for the display, many people would like to use an example. If your computer has the ability to automatically adjust its fonts for different sizes, you might just make a selection of fonts for maximum use, and not bother, or keep the smallest the computer can give you to work with. This will depend entirely on your computer’s capabilities and also the size of your screen. Some screens use only a small number of

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