Where can I practice spray painting?

You can do most of your painting anywhere you are in this city. Take two of your neighbors to one of the few downtown galleries for an introductory class where you can get a feel for how they do their work.

Can I use spray paint professionally?

Yes, professional paint can be purchased from many online art stores. If you know what you love, chances are your work will flow from your mind through your work. If you’re unsure about what you want to do, I know that painting, especially art in the air, is a great way to expand that creativity. And if you’re a self-proclaimed “artist”, feel free to do your own. Don’t worry about being “seen” doing the work—you can do it with friends, family members, the whole crew at your house, or even the local coffee shop.

Will spray paint hurt my eyes?

It will not hurt your eyes in any way. As my friend, Matt from Artful Dingo pointed out: “You might have to adjust them for a few days, but you will be back to having normal vision.” He also gave the following tip: “You’re allowed to spray paint with black paint. If you’re a black person, I think you should go ahead, I know you’re better than me.”

Will I get sick from spraying paint?

Not really. You may have an allergic reaction. But there’s no proof it would be harmful. There are some products you should avoid, though. Those that contain latex, if allergic to them, will irritate your eyes, and can cause your vision to lose its clarity. They include:

Glue and wax




Methylene Glue


And some companies will not use any of those, at all.

I know that paint will hurt my skin, but I want to have a tattoo I can get a permanent scar of.

Do what you want. Some paint has chemicals that will burn if you touch it. Most are safe, however, as long as they are not used on your skin by other people or you touch them with bare hands.

Have you had any fun with spraying paint or with spray painting in general? What tricks, techniques and tips do you know now? Let us know in the comments below!

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