Where did graffiti start? – Spray Paint Canvas

It started in the early 1980s with a number of artists using the “graffiti” moniker to mark their own art by covering their own walls with their own artworks. Most notable of these artists who are commonly seen to have put their own labels on walls are George “Stink-o” Stink and the late, great Paul Simonon.

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What is the difference between graffiti and spray art?

Many people use the terms “graffiti” and “spray art” interchangeably. However, even when you do say “graffiti” when talking about any artform, it’s important to distinguish between spray paint and spray paint on wall art. Generally speaking, there is no such thing as traditional spray art when it comes to graffiti: It’s a technique for the artist to create their own stencils. This means that the artwork does not have an established history, and it’s not “standard art” or the “standard art” of a particular culture. Therefore, when these terms are used in a sentence like this it makes it hard to understand what a particular artist is doing.

When do people use spray, and how did it become popular?

In the early 1980s, the term “spray art” was used by people who were fascinated by the technique. The technique relies on the use of paint pens on walls to draw lines and images. Some of the earliest works featured bright colored and unusual images like cats or birds flying in the air, or cartoon characters from a television show. These images were then combined with the spray paint to create an individual image that would be considered “art” in its own right.

However, the term “spray art” was originally applied to artworks by people who were doing their own stencils of their own paintings and cartoons to give their own art a look that they felt was unique, original, and unique. Since art was considered a form of expression, it was understood as art that was “new” and could differ from others in that it reflected an original vision.

Spray art quickly spread throughout the U.S. due to exposure of its novelty. The use of various styles of spray pens on walls quickly added another dimension to the work of artists who could now combine their own ideas with the artworks around them. Eventually it became normal to see “Spray-art” on walls in a variety of styles, with each style representing a distinct

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