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Krylon makes their own spray paint. It is a solvent that can be used as a paint stripper which is great for applying paint, glazing, etching, etc. Krylon recommends applying your Krylon product using a paint stripper to avoid scratching paint. However, Krylon does have an aerosol sprayer for you. This sprayer allows you to spray your Krylon product directly onto your car. They also offer a Krylon spray paint gun and also a Krylon aerosol spray gun.

Can Krylon paint be used to paint a car or paint an existing car?

Yes. Krylon paints can be applied to a paint or clear coat. The Krylon paints can also be used to apply acrylic paint to a clear coat.

It is important to be aware that paint strippers are not designed to provide the same quality you will get from the vehicle (i.e. longevity and durability). Krylon paint strippers are designed to be applied to an existing vehicle and will only work on vehicles that meet their specifications.

Are Krylon spray paint cans safe?

It is important to be aware that Krylon spray paint cans are intended for use at temperatures above 500°F.

It is imperative that you are aware that Krylon paints are designed to be left alone at cooler temperatures. This is important because Krylon can dissolve some metals and materials when left in extreme temperatures (which can lead to rust on the vehicle). Because of this Krylon spray paint is not recommended for vehicles that are being kept at temperatures above 500°F.

Are Krylon paint cans recyclable?

Krylon spray paint cans are not designed to be recycled. They can only be disposed of after they have been exposed to extreme temperatures and/or come in contact with solvents. When a Krylon paint can is recycled a plastic bag is created and this is placed in a metal recycling container. The bag is then picked up by the container from the recycling program and sent for disposal.
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Is Krylon paint safe for cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles?

Yes. Krylon spray paint is safe for your vehicle to use and should not cause any problems for your vehicle.

How do I apply Krylon to my vehicle?

You can apply Krylon paint to vehicles from a variety of sources in a variety of ways: use paint strippers directly onto the car in a single step

spray a thin coat over

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