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The fire department did not respond to our questions about whether fire was used in the graffiti work, but it is the most frequent and often the most dangerous kind of paint that is sprayed in the United States. The fire department is not authorized to regulate private property or the use of fire in the construction industry or the construction of commercial structures.

What is more dangerous, paint can or fire?

According to one study of 20,000 victims of graffiti, those who painted and those who used paint had comparable numbers of injuries. There was a wide range of injury proportions according to the type of spray paint used. People who sprayed with a fire mixture were at less risk of causing injury or death than those who used a thinner spray. Those who used water were at little risk, but those who used a thicker spray tended to be more injurious. (see also “The Art and Science of Graffiti”)

Why so much graffiti?

The answer lies in the nature of most graffiti, a practice that is illegal and dangerous in many cities, including New York City. Graffiti is not only offensive to law makers but it can also be considered to be threatening. When graffiti is displayed, it is considered “obscene,” and it can lead to prosecution and imprisonment. The same is true for any type or substance, even harmless one, that is illegal in the country. (see also “Can graffiti change anything?”).

Even if graffiti art is not actually written by a person, it can be used for commercial purposes. It can be sold for example at an event at which the object itself is displayed. Some cases of lawlessness among artists in some parts of the city have led to lawsuits, such as in New York City. These lawsuits are now being settled.

In Los Angeles, Los Angeles residents have sued the artists who spray painted their street. In response, the graffiti artists began to create even more graffiti that was not painted, and was displayed as a commercial asset. (see also “California graffiti law.”)

Do you know who is working with graffiti?

In New York City at least ten spray artists work with graffiti and spray paint. Some New Yorkers believe that these artists are responsible for the graffiti, and in some cases graffiti may be directed toward them or to their apartments; this practice is considered a form of bullying and harassment.

In the summer of 2005, graffiti graffiti artist John Zorn was attacked by two men in downtown New York City, and subsequently attacked in New

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