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“Fifty years ago, it was very, very difficult to live in Melbourne. You were a stranger in your own home, and that’s how we got here. Graffiti was a very small thing back then — it wasn’t a big thing, in the way that it is now.”

And it took the federal Attorney-General to make graffiti illegal?

“Absolutely,” Mr Baird says. “Graffiti has long been illegal.”

Graphic messages have been left on cars, on city buses and on the walls of office buildings. In 2012, the Victorian Attorney-General ordered an inspection of Melbourne’s wall of graffiti, to find out what was being done.

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An artist’s reconstruction of the Mars Curiosity rover has uncovered the first evidence of organic compounds that may have existed on Mars before the Red Planet began to become a habitable environment, researchers say.

Researchers believe the compounds will help scientists to better understand what happened on Mars 2.5 billion years ago, when conditions were much more like the present.

Scientists have known for decades that Mars had water at that time when it was dry, but evidence of it still has not been confirmed — until now.

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“This work confirms the existence of microbial life on Mars,” said Carl Woese, lead author of a study in Thursday’s issue of the journal Science. “And of course it also confirms that the conditions on other planets are not as diverse.” [Amazing Photos of Mars]

“I remember that when I was a kid we were told, ‘Mars may be the best place in the solar system to make a life,’ but you can’t put everything you might want on a rock the size of the Earth. If Mars were made of gold or diamond, that’s where we would find it,” Woese told

Woese and his colleagues reconstructed the first impression of the Martian soil and ice with data from Curiosity’s MAHLI camera through the process of “magical synthesis,” in which the sample is subjected to heat, light and other substances to produce a unique “magic” chemical profile.

This technique of mixing different compounds together, usually in an industrial lab to make them more stable, has allowed the scientists to produce a very different chemical profile for the Martian soil, an alteration that has allowed researchers

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