Why is my Rustoleum paint wrinkling?

Is it a new paint or is it from the old rust?”

Yes and no. Rustoleum new paint is a new, unpainted stain. There are some paint brands that may be used with the Rustoleum paint for the same reason. Some rust-free paints have a natural oil, but most rust-free paints are clear and have a paint that will only dry on a clear coat or a paint that is clear but has a colorant that will not dry on a paint that has no pigment. If you want to get rid of the rust on our rust-free Rustoleum paint, just buy a colorant that dries well on a clear coat. This was my first experience with a Rustoleum stain and it worked out very well.

What is the process with removing a Rustoleum paint stain?

Just like a car wash, some stains are going to look good for weeks or months after the end of the stain. Some will, of course. Some will look much better for months, or even years, after the end of the stain. For example: if a stain is on a car but you are going to go away and get a new car, it is a simple matter to wipe off the stain with water. It never comes back. This is good news if your old car is already getting better (and no one likes a new car that looks like it got kicked) so you can keep the paint fresh and clean for long enough to see what better things are out there. Some of the stains are also more permanent. The first step is to give a few minutes to the Rustoleum stain to settle, or you may be waiting a long time. For a very old paint stain, like most Rustoleum paints, if the stain is still visible, simply give the stain about fifteen minutes to settle. Then, remove the stain by rubbing the back of the handle with soapy water or other mild detergent, and letting the rust drain off the handle. Do not rinse the stain off! (It will not do its job if you do that!) A very old car or garage carpet is like a very old car: even if you don’t have to remove it, you will be glad you did!

Do you have any rust prevention tips or suggestions?

Yes. I believe that using a “clean” vehicle before painting (no dirty, wet spots!) will prevent a lot of rust problems. I put a layer of grease at the surface before painting